Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Answers for Mary

On one of the first posts on this blog, "Mary Flynn" posted a comment asking some direct and insightful questions and very good ones at that. I recognize that these are questions many may have and I have taken the time to carefully and extensively answer them in a straightforward and direct manner. I appreciate the spirit in which she asked, and I will do my best to honor that spirit.

Why do you want to go into politics?

There are certain things I believe we must do in this state. For years,
Indiana State legislators have tried to pass legislation allowing Hoosiers to vote on a constitutional marriage amendment, but to no avail. We cannot give up on this, and we must keep pressing forward! Our state government must recognize the continuous growth of government spending over the decades and put a cap on it! Our country is currently in a deep recession which means Indiana as a state has the opportunity to position itself in a way that will encourage businesses and jobs, through less taxation, to locate here as the nation begins an economic comeback. We need an advocate in the State House who will seek out the will of the people and effectively implement it in Indianapolis. I will take the time to meet with the people and study out the issues and master the legislative process in Indianapolis to best and most effectively serve my constituents. That is why I am running for State Representative.

Why should I support such a young man?

Anyone seeking political office needs to demonstrate character and ability, young or old. It is the voter’s responsibility to examine the candidate not only for “where” he stands on the issues, but also “how” he stands. An older leader once admonished his young protégé that he should earn the respect of those he will lead by his speech, his lifestyle, his concern for others, his attitude, his faith, and his morality. I encourage you to examine me in these areas both in terms of my background, how I conduct myself and run my campaign, and how I propose to impact government if the people choose to elect me.

The next Representative for District 21 will be new to the statehouse and will have many things to learn. I am ready to commit my full energy to that end. Whoever is elected will have much to learn from issue to issue and from bill to bill. I am prepared to be a student among a large network of knowledgeable individuals in the private sector.

Young activists are not new in politics. History has seen many mature young men and women earn a place in public office. My claim to office remains yet to be tested; however, I would remind you of men like Teddy Roosevelt who at the age of 23 was Speaker of the New York House of Representatives, and William Wilberforce, the great anti-slavery champion of Great Britain, who was first elected to Parliament at age 21. High taxes and a deteriorated moral and social legal environment is the legacy being left to my generation. It is time that I and others like me stand up and take hold of the future our generation will soon inherit!

Who has your ear and who are your advisers?

Personally, I have several mentors comprised of older family members, friends, and colleagues who are exemplary in their faith and character and on whom I depend for advice.

As a public official, every citizen represented is rightfully an advisor. Representatives must be accessible and approachable to encourage constituents to voice their concerns. I will listen to the concerns and work hard to be their advocate in Indianapolis. When technical and complex issues are involved, in addition to seeking out my constituency, it is also important to consult with individuals and organizations in the private sector who are expert in whatever the issue might be. In the multitude of counselors, there is safety.

How will you keep politics from corrupting you?

Through Vigilance, Accountability, Standing on Principles, and Prayer.

Never is any politician safe from corruption. I must be constantly vigilant and alert about who I trust and with whom I associate. Care must be taken to never assume right motives on the part of others until they are clearly demonstrated. As a single man, I intend to carefully guard my conduct around and association with women knowing that many in the political arena have fallen to scandal in this area.

I recognize that I will be accountable to the voters on Election Day and that I must be loyal to their best interests. I will wisely choose advisors and associates whom I know to be individuals of principle and character. I intend to establish accountability partners who will question me regularly and observe me carefully to advise me of any dangers I may not see. I recognize that ultimately I will be accountable to my Savior, the Sovereign, Omnipresent and Omniscient God of the Universe.

Without principles, a man is like a ship without a rudder. I live my life based on a core set of beliefs that exist to guide every decision that I make, and I will not violate these principles no matter what the opposition or pressure may be.

Ultimately, we are imperfect human beings who alone will fail. Only through Devine preservation can we hope to stand strong to our principles in the day of adversity. Prayer is a personal and daily means for me to surrender to a reliance on the power of God to sustain and protect me.

What is your current occupation?

I currently serve as a Firefighter with the Penn Township Fire Department. I resigned my position at Keystone RV in Goshen in order to devote the majority of my time to meeting with the voters and preparing to serve effectively as State Representative should I be elected.

What is your education?

I am a home educated High School graduate; I have numerous certifications in public safety (Firefighter I/II, Haz-Mat,
EMS, various others) and have earned nearly 90 credits on the master’s level at the Midwest School of Theology, a school organized and administered by the Fellowship of Conservative Grace Brethren Churches.

I grew up in a small family business environment, and I have had the unique and rare opportunity to be involved in a type of apprenticeship program at Walter Piano Co. in
Elkhart. Starting in my freshman year of High School I began working there about a day a week learning skills from basic wood working to technical aspects such as action regulation and tuning. I carry these skills with me today and, though infrequently, still tune pianos. Since it was a family business, I was constantly included in discussions to do with business administration, managing people, and business finances.

Most of what I’ve learned about the political process has been hands on, leading the Young Republicans through campaign after campaign, and doing everything I could to promote good legislation from contacting legislators to traveling down to Indy for rallies. I understand the complicated process of passing a bill into law and the politics behind it, and I am confident that I could serve my constituents well if elected as their State Representative.

How long would you want to be in politics?

I would like to serve at least a few terms as State Representative. I have no further plans in politics, but am open to possibilities that may arise.

Will you be a career politician?

I’m inspired by men like Washington, a citizen-statesman. He was not a career politician, but a soldier and a farmer.
Lincoln was not a career politician, but a shop keeper and a lawyer. The Indiana State Legislature is part time and if elected as State Representative, I would hope to continue on as a Firefighter and remain active in business and Christian ministry.


Jackie Walorski's Campaign Kickoff this past Sunday was definitely electrifying! There were over 1100 excited Hoosiers packed into the Mishawaka FOP showing their support and cheering on Jackie. The campaign received over $18,000 in donations; therefore, sending a message to Washington loud and clear that we're ready to take our Country back, and we're going to do it one seat at a time!