Thursday, March 25, 2010


Why we must not relent in protecting and defending all life at all ages.

The ultimate purpose of legitimate government is to defend life, to guard it as a precious gift bestowed upon us by God. To deprive a person of their life--be it an elderly person in a nursing home, a severely disabled citizen, or a child in the womb--is to take away their most basic, natural, God-given right.

In the Declaration of Independence, our nation’s Founding Fathers designated life as one of the self-evident rights with which all men are created.

Since the infamous 1973 Supreme Court Decision in Roe v. Wade, the belief in the sanctity of life continues to deteriorate in our nation. Our elected officials no longer respect life as a priceless and sacred right, believing that the quality of the life lived is more important than the sanctity of all life. Abortion is legal in every state, legalized euthanasia is becoming an ever-increasing threat, and embryonic stem-cell research is a blatant assault not only on basic morality, but also professional ethics. The current national Administration has sought to overrule laws that protect medical professionals from acting against their consciences, and that prohibit the United States from funding abortion overseas. Our nation and our leaders have lost respect for our Creator and His most precious gift to mankind.

We damage ourselves as a people by not valuing this gift. To carelessly cast aside the sanctity of life is to destroy morality, weaken the family, and ultimately impair our state and our nation. It is not the government’s responsibility to determine which lives are worth living and which are not. This is why it is essential that we relentlessly defend the lives of all Hoosiers at all ages.

Timothy Wesco with his niece Hannah
Timothy Wesco believes that everything that we can do on the state level must be done to protect the unborn. Every restriction, every ordinance must be enacted and enforced. Timothy will support legislation to broaden protection for unborn Hoosiers and to fully prohibit abortion except to save the life of the mother only. He believes that it is imperative to make mothers fully aware of the proven physical and emotional dangers of abortion. Before an abortion, a woman must be provided with written information stating that life begins at conception and that the baby in her womb can indeed feel pain. Every mother must have access to information and the necessary support that will encourage her to choose life. Timothy will provide strong leadership in pursuing legislation to keep euthanasia illegal in the state of Indiana, and to ban embryonic stem-cell research. Now is the time to stand for all life.
Endorsed by Indiana Right To Life

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