Monday, February 5, 2018

House supports Wesco’s bill eliminating fees for lifetime handgun permit

STATEHOUSE (Feb. 5, 2018) — The House of Representatives today voted in support of State Rep. Tim Wesco’s (R-Osceola) bill that would eliminate fees for obtaining a lifetime permit to carry a handgun.
Wesco said currently, a lifetime permit costs over $100. This proposed legislation would remove the fees for lifetime licenses beginning July 1, 2019, however, permit holders would still have to undergo a background check every time they buy a gun.
“Hoosiers have both a state and federal constitutional right to keep and bear arms,” Wesco said. “With this legislation, we would eliminate the burdensome fees Hoosiers face when applying for a lifetime handgun carry permit.”
Wesco’s legislation would also increase the duration of a four-year permit to five years. An individual would not have to repeat the background check with every purchase of a firearm under this permit.
Law enforcement officers would still have to perform a national, fingerprint-based criminal background check and consult available local, state and federal criminal history data banks when determining whether the possession of a firearm by a license applicant would be a violation of state or federal law.
House Bill 1424 can now be considered by the Senate. For more information, visit

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