Thursday, April 5, 2018

Rep. Wesco Statement Concerning “Hoosiers for Life” Group

Recently, some of you may have seen or heard attacks directed at me or other legislators for our pro-life stance and our particular lack of support for a piece of legislation called the “Protection at Conception” bill. I would like to address these attacks and the group that is spurring the attacks, “Hoosiers for Life” (H4L).

This group, which is relatively new to the pro-life scene, is led by Amy Schlichter and is based in Northeast Indiana. On their website they state that “H4L advocates to protect all innocent human life from conception to natural death.” 

I first heard of H4L a few years ago when I saw their booth at a County Fair. As I do often when I see people sacrificing their time and resources for the cause of life, I thanked those staffing the booth. The little figurines they display of the unborn child in the womb are a powerful testament to human life in the womb.

Then, in 2014 I was asked about authoring a “Heartbeat Bill” in Indiana like one that had passed in Arkansas and North Dakota. Subsequently, I had such a bill drafted that would ban abortion of an unborn child with an audible heartbeat (6-12 weeks’ gestation). However, after consulting with pro-life advocates who have fought for life at the Statehouse for decades, I concluded that it was premature to introduce due to the makeup of the federal courts which had become stacked with pro-abortion Obama appointees. (This proved correct, as both Arkansas and North Dakota’s laws were blocked and never went into effect). Those who have been following the issue of pro-life legislation closely over the past decade know that we have repeatedly been blocked by this activist judicial wall in Indiana from defunding Planned Parenthood in 2011 to banning abortion based on sex and disability in 2016. However, we have seen a number of pro-life victories stand, including a ban on abortion after 20 weeks (2011) and many additional informing and reporting requirements.

As the federal courts shift back to a constitutional, pro-life judiciary under the Trump administration, passing more aggressive legislation such as a ban on abortion after 16 weeks or even a ban on abortion upon the presence of a heartbeat become much more effectively realistic.

Which leads us to Hoosiers for Life’s initiative, “Protection at Conception.” H4L has repeatedly stated that the a “Protection at Conception” law would end abortion in Indiana and that it would save the lives of 8000 babies in Indiana. For instance, in a blog post attacking a legislator on February 28, Amy Schlichter wrote, “If this bill passes, it would mean the abortion numbers in Indiana would be zero.” She also called it a bill “that would have ended abortion in Indiana.”

What pro-life person would not support such a bill? Those who recognized it as the lie and falsehood that it is. The day such legislation would be signed into law, Planned Parenthood, the ACLU and every other leftwing pro-abortion group in the state would file a challenge in federal court seeking immediate injunction, which would be granted, and the overturn of the law which is the inevitable outcome under a leftwing federal judiciary and the Supreme Court precedent of Roe vs. Wade. Thus, a “Protection at Conception” law would not save a single life. To say otherwise is a baldface lie.

Yet, many of us, in our passion to see the end of this bloody practice in America after 45 years of Roe vs. Wade and 60 million lives lost, desire the claims about the “Protection at Conception” bill to be true and for the bloodshed to finally come to an end. But to do so is to be misled and deceived. There is no quick, easy victory to be had in this fight, but rather a disciplined, steady, and judicious advance is our only hope to ultimately achieve victory and see the end of abortion in our nation.

It pains me greatly that “Hoosiers for Life” and Amy Schlichter have turned friend against friend and ally against ally in our pro-life movement. She and her followers have viciously attacked me and other sincere pro-life legislators for refusing to kneel to her lies. And enough is enough. If you care about the pro-life cause, I plead with you to reject these divisive and deceptive tactics of “Hoosiers for Life” and stand united in the pro-life cause; for truly divided we fall, but united we stand.

                                                                                    In God We Trust,
                                                                                                Representative Timothy Wesco